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Wagner v. Wagner

Case no.: CI-15-05403 | Case name: A.S.W. v. H.M.W. | Date: 01-22-2016

Wagner v. Wagner – No. CI-15-05403 – Gorbey, J. – January 22, 2016 – Custody – Custody of a 3 year old child is appropriately given to Mother when she has been the primary parent since child’s birth, has more time for the child, is more likely to foster the child’s relationship with Father, Father shows hostility toward Mother, Father does not inform Mother of events in the child’s life, Father took action to interfere with contact between Mother’s family and the child, and Mother seems to be more sensitive to the child’s needs. 2016_CI_CI-15-05403_Wagner-v-Wagner_20160122_OP_Gorbey

Wells Fargo Financial Leasing v. Purcell Construction Co.

Case no.: CI-14-01952 | Case name: Wells Fargo Financial Leasing, Inc. v. Purcell Construction Company | Date: 04-13-2015

Wells Fargo Finan. Leasing v. Purcell Construct. Co. – No. CI-14–01952 – Cullen, J. – April 13, 2015 – Civil – Default Judgment – Foreign Judgments – Personal Jurisdiction. 2015_CI_CI-14-01952_Wells-Fargo-Financial-Leasing-v-Purcell-Construction-Co_20150413_OP_Cullen  

White v. Latshaw, et al.

Case no.: CI-15-03723 | Case name: Michelle M. White v. Kim Latshaw and Quality First | Date: 09-14-2015

Michelle M. White v. Kim Latshaw, et al. – No. CI-15-03723 – Madenspacher, J. – September 14, 2015 – Civil Law – Preliminary Objections – Plaintiff’s Complaint was deficient, and Defendant’s Preliminary Objections were sustained. 2015_CI_CI-15-03723_White-v-Latshaw-et-al_20150914_OP_Madenspacher

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