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City of Lancaster v. Lancaster Professional Firefighters Assoc., Local 319

Case no.: CI-14-06536 | Case name: City of Lancaster v. Lancaster Professional Firefighters Association, Local 319, International Association of Firefighters | Date: 11-12-2015

City of Lancaster v. Lancaster Professional Firefighters Association, Local 319, International Association of Firefighters — No. CI-14-06536 — Wright, J. — November 12, 2015 — Civil — Collective Bargaining Dispute — Appeal from Act 111 Grievance Arbitration Award — Scope of Review — Exceeding Authority — Lack of Jurisdiction — Managerial Prerogative, Terms and Conditions of Employment — Award of back pay — Elimination of rank and position. Scope of Review of Act 111 Arbitration Award is narrow certiorari. Act 111 Arbitration Award subject to appellate review on only four grounds. City’s appeal not cognizable within scope of narrow certiorari because it argues that Arbitrator erred as matter of law. Even if cognizable, Arbitrator’s award addressing back pay for Captains in City’s Fire Department and ordering City to not unduly delay appointment of permanent Battalion Chiefs confirmable because both issues properly before Arbitrator and address terms or conditions of employmentREAD MORE

Commonwealth of PA v. $40,297.00 U.S. Currency

Case no.: CI-14-09349 | Case name: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. $40,297.00 U.S. Currency | Date: 10-05-2015

Commonwealth v. $40,297.00 U.S. Currency – No. CI-14-09349 – Cullen, J. – October 5, 2015 – Civil – Forfeiture – Motion to Suppress – Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – Reasonable Suspicion – Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine. 2015_CI_CI-14-09349_Commonwealth-v-$40297 00-U-S-Currency_20151005_OP_Cullen

Commonwealth of PA v. Aaron Essley Jackson

Case no.: 3008-2013 | Case name: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Aaron Essley Jackson | Date: 09-15-2014

Commonwealth v. Jackson – No. 3008-2013 – Cullen, J. – September 15, 2014 – Criminal – Suppression of Evidence – Search and Seizure – Investigative Detention – Reasonable Suspicion – Traffic Stop – Canine Sniff 2015_CR_3008-2013_Commonwealth-v-Jackson_20140915_OP_Cullen

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