Alternative Dispute Resolution: Dan M. Brookhart
Awards: Michael W. Babic
Bar Facilities: Gregory Paulson
Fee Arbitration: William E. Benner, Jr.
Judiciary: Jeffrey P. Ouellet
InBrief: Neil L. Albert
LBA Foundation: Sarah Y. Rider
Law Review Board of Managers: Jansen M. Honberger
Lawyer Referral Service: Peter J. Kraybill
Long Range Planning: Laura C. Tallarico
Nominating: Robert S. Cronin, Jr.
Public Service: Elaine G. Ugolnik

Child Dependency Law: Jeanne M. Millhouse
Corporate Business & Bankruptcy Law: Charles H. Rieck, IV
Elder Law: Susan Young Nicholas
Employment & Labor Law: S. Whitney Rahman
Estate Planning & Probate Law: Heather J. Mumma Harner
Family Law: Charles H. Groh & Jennifer L. Mejia
Municipal Zoning & Environmental Law: Caroline M. Hoffer
Professionalism: Robert S. Cronin, Jr.
Real Estate Law: Neal A. Rice
Solo Practice: Catharine I. Roland
Trial Law: Christopher P. Larsen
Workers’ Compensation/Administrative Law: William B. Gregory
Young Lawyers: Lindsay M. Schoeneberger

Continuing Legal Education

As one of the first accredited providers of Continuing Legal Education in Pennsylvania, the Lancaster Bar Association and the Lancaster Bar Association Foundation remain committed to presenting high quality, timely CLE seminars at a convenient location. Seminars are open to members and non-members. Details of the full schedule and registration forms are available here.Learn More

Lawyer Referral Service

Through the LBA’s Lawyer Referral Service, those who need an attorney are referred to a lawyer who can handle their legal problems. Arrangements for the initial consultation are made over the telephone. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. until noon Monday through Friday. Click here for more information.Learn More


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